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GBC Legal Hotline / Arrestee Support (write the number on your arm)

Green & Black Cross

The Green & Black Cross is an entirely independent grassroots project set up in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity to support autonomous social struggles within the UK. It's a new project set up in November 2010 to provide legal support for protests against the governements wave of massive spending cuts. The project takes inspiration from the Anarchist Black Cross and diverse skills and infrastructure built up over the last decade or so by elements of the environmental movement, such as The Camp for Climate Action.

We have supported thousands of people from many backgrounds in their rebellions and protests. From a 24/7 legal support hotline to legal observers on the streets, action medics at large demo's, to a kitchen team smuggling flapjacks behind police lines. Our emphasis on support is to allow the potential for further rebellion, for people to rise up and in doing so take control of the direction of their lives.

Currently Green & Black Cross has two active wings, the Legal Support project, now including defendants support Street Medics. Previous projects include Action Kitchens and Protest Toilets.
We also offer the following trainings: Legal observer trainings, 'Know your rights' workshops, and Street Medic workshops of varying length and focus.

We don't intend to replicate or duplicate infrastructure or support projects already active in any given area, but hopefully advance colaboration within the movement, with GBC acting as one possible portal. For example, we liaise with Anarchist Black Cross for ongoing prisoner support, direct people to Activist Trauma Support, and work with other Legal Observing groups to cover large demonstrations.

If you'd like to get involved with any of these projects or have other ideas then please get in touch or better yet, look out for future GBC meetings and come along.

For further information please email gbc[at]riseup.net. Please do NOT use this email address for legal enquiries and requests for support (use gbclegal@riseup.net instead)